A community response to the challenges of the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak 


All residents are encouraged to identify potentially vulnerable neighbours.

Groups vulnerable to the Covid-19 virus include the elderly, pregnant women and people with underlying respiratory or neurological medical conditions.

Residents that are willing to join the support network for anyone self-isolating are asked to contact Natasha Kendall on 07891 616 546 or email or to contact the Clerk on  who can pass your details on to the support group.

By willing to help, this can include

  • To coordinate help for a group of residents in your immediate neighbourhood.
  • Provide companionship by way of regular phone check ins, particularly for the older residents that may be forced to isolate for longer periods.
  • Undertake essential shopping or collections such as medical prescriptions for affected residents.

The more volunteers we get signed up, the smaller the individual support groups can be and the easier it will be for each volunteer to proactively keep contact with residents undergoing isolation.

As well as responding to specific requests from residents for help, it would be great if volunteers can also proactively offer assistance when going about their normal daily activities, e.g. ‘I’m going to the shop / post office today, is there anything you need?’.

Enborne community is working to develop a trusted local support network and asks everyone to be wary of unsolicited approaches from other unknown individuals and organisations.  

Did you know Enborne now have their own FACEBOOK PAGE 


This could be used as a communication tool to keep everyone in contact with each other through this difficult time.

Please get in contact if you can spare some time to help our more vulnerable residents! Your community needs you!


The 'Self Isolation Poster' that would have been put through your door can be displayed on your door or window to alert people you are self isolating.  


Covid-19 Support Group Network "During the current coronavirus pandemic, the parish council and volunteer groups will also use personal data of vulnerable and at risk individuals which has been supplied by them, or by their relatives, to ensure that they are fully supported during the current crisis. The information held will be used for this purpose alone and will be deleted once the pandemic is at an end. Individuals contacting the parish council for assistance through this scheme will be considered to have given consent for their data to be used for this purpose."





 Hello All,

I hope you are keeping well in these difficult times.

We will be putting together food boxes for collection from the Craven Arms.

In these will be fresh fruit, bread, milk, eggs and vegetables and also meat.  We will also look at providing 'essentials in boxes such as toilet roll, soap. dried and tinned food etc etc.  We can do small and large boxes and Clive is looking at a breakfast box.

We are putting together prices as waiting to hear from suppliers.  Payment can be made by bank transfer or for the elderly cash, card etc.

If you do have vulnerable people who would like this service but are isolating do you know of any volunteers who would collect for them?  If we go into lock down we would leave the goods in a safe place for collection so there would be no contact.

We are finalizing these details but this is due to our frustration or going to the supermarket and not being able to get what we need.

Kind Regards, Jodi

The Craven Arms, Skinners Green Lane. Tel:  01635 253 336